Monday, November 7, 2016

Nasty Fork In the Road

Well Some times we end up taking turns we never seen coming.

That is the direction of this blog and my direction with Mr. Beautiful Crazy.  Never seen it coming until it was already too late and I ended up on a deserted road, a dead end.  For now anyways.

Time to move my focus into a new area and get creating because if I keep in this love vibration I will end up creating something Terrible for both me and him.  I want to believe in my heart that one day things will come back together for us, but in the meantime I need to stay in my heart and not fall victim to pain and suffering.

I am also going to take the Magdalene course again this winter.  I will need a place to process that.  So between my own healing and my own creations this blog should still just pop along!

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