Sunday, September 11, 2016

Journey Into Sehkmet

I am 42 today!

Every Year on my birthday I ask for the guidance of a Goddess.  An energy that I will walk with that year.   This year That Lovely Goddess will be Sehkmet!

I have walked with her before.  Seven some years ago, and for a couple of years.  However I dont think I really integrated her teachings at that time, so when she showed up this morning as my patron Goddess for this year I was a bit surprised albeit happy, as I do Love this Goddess dearly.

Nine years ago I walked into a tattoo shop and asked for a print on the back of my neck.  I didn't know what it was I was going to get I just knew I wanted something.  I looked through the artists portfolio and I came across the Eye of Horus and that was it, I was sold and within an hour I walked out of that shop a marked woman.

I didn't know it at the time, but it was actually Sehkmet that marked me.  She claimed me then and this entire journey has been one for her.   This feels like the year that I rise up into what I had set out to achieve all that time ago.  It took a full nine year cycle to gain all the personality traits necessary for me to step into the power of who I am.   

It took all this time for me to settle into and relax within my own sovereign power.  It took all this time to disconnect from the sickness of men, to drain the life force of that shadowy serpent within me that kept me bound to chains of illusion.

I am in a 2 year for numerology.... it is the year my voice gets heard.    I am ready to Be Strong, I am ready to put my training into action.  I am ready to go to battle!!  It is time for this Kitty to turn into a Lioness!

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