Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New moon Turn of events.....

I couldn't do it.

 I could not reside in that place of knowing that we would never be anything more then we were.  Friends for life is a great space for someone you hold dear in your heart but not someone you have fallen romantically in love with.  That friendship is pickled.   Can guys and girls be friends once sex and love enter the picture?   In my world that is a huge.... Hell No!

So I let him go.

Mr. crazy beautiful is no longer in my drama.  I want to say that I am sad about it, but in truth the freedom I feel is so incredible that I am spinning my wheels wondering if I ever really did love him.  He drained my energy in such a large way that the power I have today is catapulting me into something so great and new I dont have time to contemplate if I am hurting without him or not.

I have moved into this new place of life love.  I want to say self love but I was already there before meeting Mr. crazy beautiful.  Today its this deep passion for my life and who I am as a person.  I feel empowered to let him go and have been put in several positions to get lost again in a guy and found it surprisingly easy to just walk away with no pull like I used to.

I have been working on this 21 day past lovers clearing program that I think has been remarkable in connecting me to my womb space and my feminine grace.   I have went into meditation each night with the intent to release all past lovers and all the drama they brought in to my world.   I feel the success of this occurring as I am moving into a more peaceful place where men are concerned.

I love dating, simply love it.

I like meeting new people, I enjoy the thrill of wondering if I will spark with the guy, I love the fuddy duddies and the guys that go out of their way to impress me.   I feel empowered and honored when I meet one that wants to talk to me again the next day.  I love watching how far they get before they decide I am not for them or I get bored of them.  Everything about the process is fun.

Letting go, releasing the old and dating the fuck out of the new is where I am at today.  I am studying up a lot on how to date and romantic relationships and this will be the platform I shall come and write my experiences in.  This blog is about to go from a fantastic reality of a drug induced mind to the real raw deal of finding the match that will last longer then a few months.

Journey with me.   It will be fun, this I promise you!

Follow the White Rabbit.....

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