Saturday, April 30, 2016

If he loves your Crazy, He is a Keeper.

It's been a few eventful weeks.  

My creativity has been transferred to working the land and creating amazing landscapes for people to enjoy for years to come.  Which means this arena of my life has been moving at mach speeds as well but I have lacked the time to get here to record all my progressions and processions. 

I AM years beyond my time I'm starting to understand.  

My concepts written here are not well received by the general public.  Maybe because many people are still asleep or maybe because I have worked my little ass off in self care and actualization's that I do truly have an advanced understanding of relationships and how to function in the world we call Earth.

I have decided to stop writing for you and just write for me.  

I am no longer engaged in a Twin flame outcome.   With the recent developments in my life I have been forced to let my hands go of the wheel and let my spirit drive this twin flame soul train.   

I am putting my energy into making my first million dollars within the next five years.  So twin flame concepts and writing will come solely from my spiritual connections..... which in truth not much will change within these writings then accept my theatrical drama's that my ego likes to inflict to get her own attention and capture the attention of the troglodytes.

So what has developed you ask?  

Of course after you shake the annoyance of the insults I just threw at you.   There is some drama for you after all...

My prince Charming rode up very fast on his ancient steed and true to his character tried to sweep me off my feet.  First with getting me a deal of a lifetime for an amazing, fully loaded, completely custom off roading Jeep that not only creates hours of fun for my soul it also elevates my position in life.  So the guy won me over with hello.  Then a weekend of wining me and dining me and making multiple attempts to bring me to orgasm.... everything was picture perfect.

Great attempt, Prince Charming .... but no go. 

 It was empty.  Pretty package with nothing inside.  All show, not a grower.  Not deep,  to broken to break through the ten foot walls. I am too connected to myself and my Gods to let someone surface get a taste of what I have to offer.  Not interested in the challenge.

So Good bye Prince Charming.

Twin flame and Twin soul are still battling for my attentions.  Well let me correct that actually.  My ego wants the battle so therefor the powerful Bitch that she is creates that dynamic but in truth its not really there.  

Twin flames are like Hancocks..... to much power to stay within each others physical presence.

Maybe one physical meeting is enough to ignite the passion and the path and that is all it is meant to be.   Because after months of intensive emails and repeated contact on my part, I get very feeble responses in the like.   Always with deep love for me and always kind and open to my reach.... but nothing earth moving for me.....

So good Bye Merlin.  Maybe for now, Maybe for always.

Where as Twin Soul is still rocking my world.

Learning to look past the sexual, romantic connection of the love I feel is my deep lesson at this time. Until just recently I truly could not let the relationship just flow its own river and course.  I needed to fit it into a box of marriage and that was the only place I could see it residing.  Oh.... But today I can see him and I more as business, life partners.   I love him so deeply it moves me to tears when I think about it.  I have tried to push him out of my life so many times its actually embarrassing.... 

In truth,   I would rather have him in my life in whatever way he needs to show up, then not have him in it at all.

You see a twin's whole purpose is to elevate you to status's you never dreamed possible for yourself.   The cake created with your combined ingredients is a cake second to none you have ever had the pleasure of tasting before now.   Some twins cannot sustain that energy because they are not ready to be lifted that high.... some people only need mere minutes to be lifted to where they need to be....  

I need the rest of my life with this man to go where I am going.   He needs the rest of his life with me to go where he is going.   Together him and I are like steel on steel..... separate we are good, but not great.

If I go the rest of my life not knowing romantic traditional love just to be near this man for the rest of mine..... 

I am finally okay with that.   

So from here forth this blog will be the writing of My life with.......  Mr.  Beautiful Crazy.

Follow The White Rabbit....


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