Monday, April 4, 2016

I Wait.......

I See You in the Faces Around Me

The Lover who Inhales Me Deeply
The Friend That Teaches Me to Drive
The Son Who Wants My Comfort
All of These but Substitutes
Placebos to Facilitate My Healing
Time Spenders Till Reality Shifts
Until the Wind Direction Changes 
And You Catch My Scent Again
Stronger.  Vulnerable.  Opening
Like a Spring Flower
Pushing through the Soil
Broken Open, Burst of Life
The Flower Will Bloom,
Then the Scent Will be Alluring
To The Loving Lone Wolf in You.
Bide My Time I Will
Until I am Ready for Your Fullness
Until I am Ready for My Fullness

Follow the Rabbit....

More of Him....


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