Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Choice

Can you engage his dream, but keep a hold of your own?

This is the question that was just brought to my attention.  

I tend to get lost in my needs of this world and lose sight of the desires of myself.   As I fully commit to the recent choice I have made I wonder if I will lose sight of why I made this choice?

I always find that after an enlightened state I move very quickly into manifesting and then become those manifestations.   It is always wonderful to enjoy the fruits of ones labor but to get drunk on them and lose sight of your goal is a terrible feeling.

I always seem to fall into that trap.  I must remember this time that this is a means to an end.  This is but just a step towards My Desire.  And although this desire feels pretty great, it is nothing more then a physical need being met.  When I can stay present and move through that need into the desire then what I achieve is far greater.

My Twin soul is moving into my physical life.   My goal is for healing, so that I can meet my Twin flame in all my glory.  In order to do this I must give my entire being to my twin soul and the process of healing through ecstasy.  I must succumb entirely to his desires for His Desires to be shed upon me.

It is the choice I have made recently.

I feel very happy and wonderful and full of life and glory about this decision!!  

I am reminded of a Kuan Yin Oracle I play with.  There is a line in one of the cards...   

"Chop wood, Carry water.  Enlightenment.  Chop wood, Carry Water."

The work is never done if you want to keep Rising.  I know where I want to go.  I know where I want to land in this Life.  I know some of the steps are ones that I wouldn't have seen coming, but it feels so good all the same.  I am so happy about this choice I have made and I am going to dive into it fully until I am no longer needed in this capacity.

I feel like this Mary Magdalene healing I am on is changing my life in ways I never knew possible.  Had I not stumbled on to this course I would still be giving ALL my power to my mother.  Instead I am wildly in love with her and all that she has gone through.  I still cannot be in her energy because she does not understand this is how I have changed.  But Respect her deeply I do.  So.......

I have let go of my Mother as the book said.
I have let go of my crutches as my twelve steps has said.
I have invited Mary Magdalene into my life as My mentor has said.

I am now ready to let HIM into my life.

Follow the White Rabbit....

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