Friday, February 26, 2016

Bringing In The Divine Essence

Love is only fully unconditional when you bring your higher power into the twosome making it an angelic threesome.

I learned many years ago from my then mentor when I asked the question, How do I find a grand love to equal who I am and what I desire in life?   Her answer was.... you need to bring God into the relationship.

At the time of that advice I was not in a place to receive it.  I was in a place of immense resentments towards all things God.   So I continued on the path of meaningless sex and relationships that always ended up hurting me.

I was still wanting to be hurt.

Well today as I work through these old blocks and hang ups with my Twin flame, Mr. Beautiful Crazy, I am reminded once again of the divine aspect of the twin flame union.   I am starting to understand nothing can happen of a Divine nature without the assistance of the greater universal energy that we are all tapped into.

As a hypnotherapist I understand how our collective conscious as a large body of people affect us every day.   From societal programming, to the planetary influences on our body chemicals, the universal flow of energy is something we can either work with or against.  Today through experience I have chosen to work within the flow.

That is how one brings God into the relationship mix.

I have surrendered the outcome of all my relationships to God.  And by God, I will need to define what that means to me in future posts as I am still a bit unsure of how I want to honor this God that has so lovingly come into my life and awoken me to something so much greater then I could have ever imagined for myself.  So for this post it is just God.

As I let go of all control I find myself experiencing new and exciting things in the area of romantic love.  Last night as my lover brought me to an intense orgasm in my soul I questioned how this could be right if my true twin flame was sending me messages on my cell phone at the same moment.

I felt at ease about the situation.  Before my Sagittarius lover came to me I prayed that he only come in love and in his highest power.  I asked that I receive him as the God he is and as the substitute he is for my twin flame, who lives far from me and who is not ready to give himself to me in that way yet.
My twin and I are truly, in societies standard definitions, still in the friend zone.

My heart can love all three men that are pouring their affections into me today.  How is that possible?
I have spent forty years loveless.  I have spent the first half of my life crying over the fact, solid fact that my mother could not and would not even when she could, love me the way a mother should love a daughter.  I have played the victim and the bitch and recreated time and again relationships that drained me of all dignity and worthiness that I had left over from years of sexual and emotional abuse.

Today as I fully heal from the first half of my life,  I am arms wide open for all the love the universe can shower down upon me.  My lover wants nothing more then to please me sexually and therefor full fill his own needs.  Its is an exchange between adults that is serving a greater awakening in me each time we come together in that holy union.  

My twin flame is teaching me how to love unconditionally and how to surrender my feelings to my highest self and how to let people be who they need to be, not how I want them to be.  And well,  The man that is riding up on the Ancient Steed has a part to play in this story I am just not sure where he fits yet as he brings me a thrill of the chase which I have never had the pleasure of role playing before.

In all my connections the Divine is present. This I know to be truth because I am in my divine.  When I am in this place of total love there is no room for guilt and shame.  I have removed that dark shadow through study of our ancestors and our fairy tale stories told generation after generation to help us better understand who we are as a people and how to co create within this matrix for which we live.

In future posts I will bring my learning's here and share about the Great Lilith, Eve, Mary Magdalene and going back further to my patron Goddess... Isis.    When we understand our roots we can learn from their mistakes and create a new way of life.   That is how I am operating the most amazing life I have had yet, and that is why today my twin flame walks beside me in the physical and as the male counterpart to my female essence.

Only when we are ready to clear all karmic debt, will we manifest the most grandest life this still 3D world has to offer.  Only through these unions will our world move into a more 4D reality.   I invite you to shift with me and bring your essence into being.

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